Nagios 3.0b4 ebuilds and nagios-plugins 1.4.10

I finally managed to put some Nagios 3.0b4 ebuilds together and committed them to my personal dev-overlay on friday. Besides supporting the latest bleeding-edge Nagios I added support for another webserver, lighttpd aka lighty – thanks to Tiziano Müller for his patches (bug #191675). For testing lighty  w/ Nagios I set up my first lighty installation ever -and I’m still kinda impressed of its easiness :) Another thing I consider for Nagios 3 ebuilds is FHS compliance – there’s been a bug opened this weekend (# 194141). I’m pretty unsure about that, as this will probably break all Nagios installations on Gentoo boxes out there, plus Sysadmins would need to adjust all their customizations while upgrading to a newer Nagios version. As I said, I’m *very* unsure about that – so any feedback on implementing FHS compliance for nagios-* ebuilds is welcome :)

After getting up I usually read my mails – so I did on early saturday morning. One email I found was the announce of nagios-plugins 1.4.10, no suprise as there was a discussion about things to get fixed for 1.4.10 on the nagiosplug-devel mailinglist just some days ago. But 1.4.10 also fixes a buffer overflow in the included check_http plugin, after doing a quick version bump (and adjusting some patches) stabilization is now handled by our security team in bug #194178.

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4 Responses to Nagios 3.0b4 ebuilds and nagios-plugins 1.4.10

  1. can you please install in a /usr/bin instead of /usr/nagios?

    just qt3, kde3 and nagios have their own directory, really ugly.


  2. Mike Adolphs says:

    Where has gone the net-analyzer category in your portage overlay? Any plans to reintegrate the Nagios stuff?

  3. It’s been moved to the main tree last sunday, still package.masked though. Yeah, i wanted to blog about that … sorry.

  4. Mike Adolphs says:

    Ah great, thanks for the information. And thanks for the good work! I’m using your Nagios ebuilds for a few months, gotta give 3.01 a chance now.

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