etc-proposals just made in our beloved tree this morning, probably being the first addition in 2008.

I first came across this little nifty program which allows for easy graphical diffing between configfile changes (i.e. etc-update w/ GUI) around christmas and first tried it at the 24C3. I found it quite useful and therefore added its fresh and shiny new 1.4 release to gentoo-x86 today :)

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  1. Miller says:

    I’ve always used etc-update and meld [ ] for a gui diff/merge.

    Changes to /etc/etc-update.conf:

    #diff_command=”diff -uN %file1 %file2″
    diff_command=”meld %file1 %file2″

  2. Aniruddha says:

    Hi Tobias, do you have any plans to release your Gentoo Linux book in English? I really would like to purchase it!

    *On topic*
    emerging etc-proposals right now

  3. For all new users:
    A bug creeped into the 1.4 release:
    Its not a problem if you were already using etc-proposals 1.3 before, but new users should wait until the 1.4.1 release is in portage or use this ebuild:
    in an local overlay, if you cant wait.

    etc-proposals can do a lot more than etc-update and a GUI merger. (For example: Filtering unmodified config files, filtering CVS Header changes, filtering whitespace changes and much more)
    see the homepage:

    Björn Michaelsen, etc-proposals dev

  4. @Aniruddha: No plans yet …

  5. Aniruddha says:

    Too bad :’(

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