Gentoo Linux – Die Metadistribution: Second edition now available

A little bit later than it was planned to, but now it’s finally available in bookstores: the second edition of my book “Gentoo Linux – Die Metadistribution“. We (both the publisher and myself) were waiting for Gentoos 2008.0 release to include the 2008.0 LiveCD, thus the delay.

Besides some fixes (which were in fact only a few minor ones) and updates the book now includes an additional chapter which explains the basic usage of catalyst and genkernel and shows how to build an Install-/LiveCD using these tools. I’d like to thank everyone from whom I got feedback on the first edition, but especially I’d like to thank some fellow Gentoo developers and a friend from my local LUG. Christian (Faulhammer), Tobias (Heinlein), Michael (Gisbers), thank you!

(Picture taken by Uwe Perl)

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5 Responses to Gentoo Linux – Die Metadistribution: Second edition now available

  1. nightmorph says:

    Very cool, very cool.

    Any chance of getting an English translation of just the catalyst/genkernel bit?

    Here in the US, the one book that even touches the subject is “Linux Live CDs” (available at Amazon), but it was published in November 2006, so it’s a bit dated.

  2. Congratulations!

    I’m missing the publisher name, but ok, the book title itself is linked.
    Now i just have to finish my own book *g*


  3. @nightmorph: Probably not in the near future. But maybe i’m going to start a series of blog posts on that (probably also not in the next few weeks).

    @Andreas: … and I have to finish the next book *G*

  4. Aniruddha says:

    And what if I translated the catalyst/genkernel part? Is that allowed?

  5. @Aniruddha: that’s not an option, sorry.

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